About Us

Mr.Vichai Chaiamnuay
Managing Director

General Drugs House Co., Ltd. was established in 1957 in Bangkok, Thailand as a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of pharmaceutical products. We are committed to reducing domestic dependence on imported pharmaceuticals as well as being a global supplier of high quality pharmaceuticals. Thus we observe the highest international production standards. Our pharmaceuticals are well-respected and recognized by leading hospitals, polyclinics, teaching institutions, physicians, and pharmacists, which can be attributed to our commitment to quality. Quality assurance of our products is established through the following: implementation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in processing; introduction of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards in quality assurance; ensuring every process is monitored and inspected in accordance to GIP (Good Inspection Practice). Furthermore, to meet the emerging needs of the company, we have met the international standard and are certified according to ISO 9001. At General Drugs House, our dedication to quality pharmaceutical products is matched by our pledge to improve the economy of our country. Future success is guaranteed by our commitment to the continued training of our technical staff and management, introduction of the latest in automation technologies, and the continual improvement of our manufacturing and quality control processes. We at General Drugs House thank our customers for their patronage and support, and to potential future customers, we look forward to hearing from you.